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Capilla Azul will be a curatorial platform with an emphasis on the exchange and collaboration between creators in the fields of crafts and contemporary art in Chiloé.

We aspire to offer to offer a new work model and creative management that contributes to decentralization of the ways in which Chilean regional, national and international
art exhibitions circulate and are presented

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A new collaborative work of sound poetry composed by Konantü (Iván Navarro and Courtney Smith) in collaboration with the neighbors of Comarca Contuy and special guest Enrique Millán, a prominent young musician living in Caguach.
Vid Vida Vidajena is divided into three parts, each marked by pauses in the vocalizations, at which points Millán performed improvised music on the accordion in response and dialogue with the vocalists. After multiple rounds, the vocal patterns or structures begin again, and each time the participants have developed greater familiarity with the score and are more confident in their performance, prompting them to vocalize more freely. The average duration of each Vid Vida Vidajena performance was 25-30 minutes.

Dan Cameron y Ramón Castillo